About Us

Give More Gift Baskets custom gift baskets for businesses, events, hotels, and individuals


Give More Gift Baskets was created with two goals in mind: to help people build lasting relationships and remind others that in life and business, it's not about what you get but what you give.

Whether it's a personal or business relationship, gifting can be used to bridge the gap, close deals, show appreciation and recognition, or take your relationship to the next level. For centuries, gifting has been used to connect people, establish trust, show appreciation, and build healthy relationships. Gifting helps communicate and express how we feel towards those around us.

Since building this brand, our vision has expanded to include other significant details. Our goals at Give More Gift Baskets are to support local commerce at all levels, use brands and products that give back, and help others nurture and build the relationships that mean the most to them.

By using locally made products within our gift sets, and partnering with companies and businesses in North Texas, we support our local commerce and help develop relationships within our community. Give More Gift Baskets values the importance of small, locally owned businesses. We use high quality artisan goods made in Dallas and throughout Texas as often as possible, as well as products that give back to a variety of causes. We believe that giving back is a meaningful part of life and lifts up our local and global communities.

Give More Gift Baskets solves all of the problems of traditional gifting. From limited time to selecting the perfect items, we take care of all the steps so you don't have to! Choose from one of our Signature Gift Sets or create a Custom Gift theme for your business or personal needs.


Give More Gift Baskets is owned and operated by Victoria Escanlar and Dustin Winchell. We ensure each gift is made with care to create a positive gifting experience. Product selection, design, and presentation set us apart from other gifting companies. Choose Give More Gift Baskets for a unique and personalized gifting option. We look forward to working with you!